It seems like I don’t know much about what’s going on in the world now that I’ve scaled back on my twitter usage. Sad, right? Full disclosure: I didn’t find out Nelson Mandela died until hours later when a friend posted a message in GroupMe. When it comes to news, if it doesn’t come across my phone, TV, or computer screen, I probably won’t know about it. When I do seek out news, I prefer to find an online article from a reliable news source but even then it’s frustrating to sort through pages of buzzwords and jargon that I don’t entirely understand or I’m confused because I don’t know much background information about the issue. Why can’t I just find a short and sweet summary of the top news stories from the U.S. and the world?

*Enter theSkimm* a daily newsletter sent to my inbox with a summary of all the major news headlines and links to take me to the articles. I previewed today’s edition and I already feel all smart and grown up-y!

Now I just have to actually read it everyday instead of letting it just clutter up my email inbox.

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