Pharrell Williams Covers Fast Company Magazine

Everything happens for a reason. Right? Well I ended up in an auto repair shop on December 12th for about 45 minutes but didn’t even get my truck serviced. Fortunately, as I sat down in the waiting area, I saw Pharrell Williams’ face on a magazine and picked it up. The feature article was titled “GET BUSY: PHARRELL’S PRODUCTIVITY SECRETS.” My heart almost jumped out of my chest! Pharrell and productivity tips?!

This article, in the December 2013 issue of Fast Company, begins by listing all of Pharrell’s current and past contributions to fashion, music, philanthropy, and everything in between. I really didn’t realize how much he does – and how well he does it all. The fact that most of what he does goes under the radar was a point made in the article, too: He’s extremely humble. He surrounds himself with people who are experienced and skilled in various areas on purpose. Most of them are women, too. As a leader, he’s aware of his shortcomings yet, he seeks to be as knowledgeable as possible or at least knowledgeable enough to articulate his creative visions before he sends his team off to make it all happen. Pharrell is also very passionate about keeping creativity untarnished from the business and in all of what he does, placing the artist and/or creative vision first is of utmost importance. I dig that.

I learned that Pharrell is a shower thinker and because of this he is often late, as he hates to cut short a good, steamy brainstorming session. The biggest thing I learned from this article is the importance of capturing each idea as it happens and refraining from hastily judging or correcting it. Just let it flow out as it comes and worry about changing it later. I have a problem with bogging myself down with immediate editing and correcting to the point where I get frustrated with the original idea and leave it alone because I can’t make it right at the moment. This concept was also the focus of the chapter “Shitty First Drafts” in Bird by Bird, a book by Anne Lamott that I’m currently reading. (I’ve realized that when I encounter the same lesson or concept through various mediums within a small time frame, I must be meant to learn whatever the lesson is. Message received.)

Aside from this being a really good article – did I mention the dreamy photos of Pharrell? – Fast Company is a magazine and website that is right up my alley. Their focus is on “innovation in technology, ethonomics (ethical economics), leadership, and design. Written for, by, and about the most progressive business leaders, Fast Company and inspire readers and users to think beyond traditional boundaries, lead conversations, and create the future of business.” (from the About Us section of their website). This article is a part of their Work Smart series which also features productivity tips from political figures, entertainers, techie entrepreneurs, business people and more more. Expect to see a lot of content here from there and definitely go check them out yourself.

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