Things I Can’t Live Without: Apps Gone Free

Confessions of an App Hoarder

I like free stuff. Especially free apps. After not getting my fix from’s Deal Hacker posts I searched for an app that would send me daily updates of apps that go free temporarily. This is when I discovered Apps Gone Free. Although this is a great app, it has caused me to go waaaay overboard on the app downloads. I’ve downloaded anything and everything from apps to practice stock trading, to guitar apps, to a gazillion productivity apps. I admit I download a lot of apps I may not currently need but I don’t feel too bad. A trick I learned a long time ago is that even if you may not find an app useful or functioning at the level of your liking download it anyway. If the developers eventually charge for newer versions, you won’t have to pay since you downloaded the app previously (unless they’re jerks and release it as a completely new app).

How it works: I get a notification every morning around 11 – which I appreciate because I’m not an early bird. The notification tells me that the list of today’s free apps is now available. I open the app and the free apps are listed based on the device you’re on. If I’m on my iPhone it shows the free iPhone apps first. If I’m on my iPad it shows me the free iPad apps first. It also specifies whether the apps are universal. The best part is that you can browse through previous days issues and the app shows you which apps are no longer free.

Overall the app is a little rough and a little buggy but it gets the job done. Now I just need to find a similar app for my Macbook. If you know of any, pretty please fill me in!

Apps Gone Free on iTunes

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