Shitty First Drafts

I have many. All of these shitty draft posts initially struck me as soooo good and necessary to blog but now they all sit and wait for my attention again.

It’s hard to face them. The intro isn’t good enough. No conclusion whatsoever. The struggle to string together words or figure out the best format. I’m paralyzed by the pursuit of perfection. However I’ve decided that it’s necessary, again, to give myself permission to write some shitty, not-so-perfect posts and publish them. I can’t achieve perfection. Sometimes I can’t even achieve satisfaction. But instead, I consider everything I write and post as a step in the right direction; an opportunity to do something that can serve as a reference later. It can be something that I can look at and say “Oh, I did that well” or “What was I thinking? I’m never doing that again.” Both are equally important in shaping this blog to be what I imagine it to be and in shaping me to be the writer I plan to be.

More importantly, at the end of the day this is just a blog (I should chant this to myself over and over everyday). My life does not depend on this blog. While this blog can be a source of many good things in my life, it doesn’t hold the power to declare anything negative about me or define any of my shortcomings. I swear I can make little things so intense. It should be a superpower. I’m Magnification Girl!

Glad I got that out. I like to put things out into the universe even when they are things that I tell myself mentally. Hopefully this can help you too. Whatever it is that’s keeping you from doing what you want to do, cut it out! Let it go. Shut it up. Break it down. You can do it!


P.S.-Thanks Anne Lamott for inspiring this post title.

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