The FADER’s 2013 Soundcloud Super Mixtape is a one-stop-shop for all things cool and current. I literally have a meltdown every time I think of the fact that there’s not enough time in the world for me to dig through their archives and absorb everything into my being. Too much? Ok. But you understand what I mean.  

Aside from having The FADER app on my phone, I follow them on Tumblr and today I saw that they posted a super mixtape of all the songs their editors jammed to in 2013. And because I really trust their musical tastes, I divulged. And by “divulged” I mean “fired up my Chromecast and blasted this mix all throughout my house”. There’s literally something for everybody on this mix: radio hits, indie treasures, songs you know and love,  songs you missed by your favorite artists, songs you never knew existed by your new favorite artists, and then some. It features 100 songs and it’s over 6 and a half hours. I really don’t understand why you’re still reading this. Go!


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