Happy New Year!

I can imagine that by now you’re probably tired of all of the “New year, new me” bullcrap flooding your various social media timelines, feeds, and dashes. I gave up – well, never really fully bought into – the belief that I could magically transform my life into whatever I wanted it to be at the stroke of midnight every January 1st. But still, I can’t deny how good it feels to begin a new year. There’s always an overwhelming sense of positivity and endless possibilities. It always gets me thinking about what didn’t go so well in the past year and what I need to scrap, reconfigure, or begin in the new year.

My dad, one of the people I look up to most in this world, gave me something interesting to think about: He said the reason most peoples’ new year’s resolutions fail is because they don’t start planning until December or January and by the time the new year arrives, they’re still in the planning stages. He said he starts planning his new year’s resolutions in October so that by January he’s ready to hit the ground running.

I, too, did a lot of planning  in 2013 in areas that I plan to see some growth in in 2014:

Establish my internet presence
To be honest, this blog kind of happened on a whim. I’m known to have created, and neglected, quite a few blogs in the past but I really feel that this is a blog that can grow with me. It also provides a place for me to develop my skills in graphic design, coding, and writing. And it’s my own little corner of the world where I can  talk about the things that make me happy and make my life awesomer. I don’t want to tell myself I have to write something every day and every post has to be perfect but I do want to touch this blog everyday. Whether it’s starting a post, brainstorming about a post, publishing an old post, revising an old post, or writing/editing/publishing all in one setting, I will do something! Oh, and get ready for a visual overhaul to this blog. That’s my first serious goal for January 2014! (So in the time that this post was sitting in my drafts, I finished the redesign. Like?!)

Learn web coding
I have vague memories of being really good at HTML coding back in my myspace and backplanet days but somehow I’ve stored all of that information somewhere deep down in the dark corners of my mind. Now, I’m ready to revive it! First step, codeacademy.com’s Web Fundamentals course. I’ve completed 8% so far!

Get healthy (mentally and physically)
In 2013, I lost 27 pounds! And gained them all back…Making that lifestyle change was hard but once I got the hang of it, it became like second nature. Unfortunately old bad habits die hard and mine crept back up on me towards the end of the year. I feel that in 2013 I was able to prove to myself that I can do it and it won’t kill me so I’m ready to continue to build on the hard work that I gave in 2013.

2013 was also the year that I hemmed, hawed, and finally dragged my ass to therapy. It was something that I’d been putting off for a long time so when I finally did it, I felt so much better. You go the doctor when you feel like something is wrong with your body, so the same should apply to your mind. Therapy isn’t a bad thing and I’m slowly getting comfortable with the process.

Nurture my creativity
Last year I put a lot of time into school, work, and building new relationships but I’ve neglected my creative side. I’m not going to put any stipulations on it but this year I want to make more effort to be creative.

Become a better writer
I’m a decent writer. Better than most but not with any formal training outside of general educational requirements. My goal is to eventually be a freelancer, in addition to my day job as a counselor, and maybe even write few books. I want to become a better creative writer and technical writer, so any kind of writing is game. I realize that the best way to do these things is to read more, and most importantly, write more. I wrote quite a bit in 2013. I also bought books about how to start a freelance writing business and about writing advertising copy, I started reading Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott, and I even wrote ad copy for some graphic design work that one of my friends did. I tried to push myself to get everything off the ground in 2013 but I realized that I need to start with baby steps. 2014 is my year of continued baby steps, but who knows, I may run a little too.

2014 is my year of appreciating the journey without thinking about the destination.  

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