Talking in Circles

Sometimes I get the feeling that I use the same words and phrases over and over when I write. I realize this presents a very limited view of my vocabulary but most importantly, I feel like it keeps me from accurately conveying what I’m trying to say.

This has been irking me for a while academically. This feeling that I’ve put a few buzz words under my belt and now I just wear them the eff out. This phenomenon has spread over into my personal life and now, here. I’m talking in circles. To most, it’s unnoticable but because I’m with me everywhere I see it and it’s frustrating me.

I read a lot. I expose myself to different writers and types of writing as a way to identify qualities that I want to possess in my writing. Sometimes I’m in awe at how people string words together. How? What is this sorcery? I want to do that! I’d be happy with even a tenth of the ability that I see in my favorite writers or even the joe schmo writers of really good and moving posts on Tumblr and in the God-forsaken comments sections of various articles.

I don’t let it get me down too much. I know that I have my strengths: I’m a professional metaphorist! (yes I made that up). I also think that I have a unique voice as a writer. But sometimes I just feel like I want to do more but I lack the tools to do more. Ready for a metaphor?

I feel like a really great artist with limitless vision and creativity and the ability to conquer various mediums that only has a pencil at his disposal.

Ok, not my best metaphor. We all have off days but you get the point!

I want to do more and I know I can do more but there’s this barrier of ignorance keeping me from where I want to be. So I continue to read, absorb, and write shitty first draft after shitty first draft until one day I’ll be there and I can look back at this post and laugh.

Hope this inspires somebody…anybody…and even if it fails to reach any of you, it inspired me. So that’s good enough.

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