I would really love to develop a morning routine. Something that I can do every day to ensure that I’ve had time to mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally ready myself for the day. The only bad part is I don’t have the best track record when it comes to mornings or routines. I do, however, feel that it’s advantageous to give anything a try so I’ve decided to start small with Sunday Morning Meetings.

In undergrad I took a few steps back from organized religion and attending church routinely and instead devoted my Sundays to productive self-care. Productive self-care involves things like doing housework while listening to my favorite music or podcasts, reflecting on life via my blog du jour, retail therapy, reading thought-provoking spiritual/self-help things or just spending time doing whatever made me happy and kept me sane. Now I’d like to take this concept a little further and in a somewhat different direction.

I want to start having Sunday morning meetings with myself. During these meetings I will take the time to plan for the week ahead and beyond. Between school, work, and life things can get hectic, deadlines can be forgotten, and stress can skyrocket so I think that taking the time out each week to prepare and create a plan of action will help to keep my head above water and keep my goals in sight.

Plus, this is also an excuse for a trip to Starbucks so that’s never a bad thing. I plan to hold myself to it and hopefully before long the benefit to my mental health will make maintaining this routine a breeze.

Off I go! Whatever you do today or any Sunday make it meaningful!

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