Take Selfies: One day they may save your life

So I haven’t seen my earphones in over a week. I’m the queen of lost earphones – and lost things in general. I’d almost accepted the fact that I’d have to buy another pair. And unfortunately this time I wouldn’t be able to afford another pair of Apple EarPods. This was a stinging realization: If I can’t be responsible enough to keep up with a pair of earphones for more than three months then I’d have to cut back on the cost and quality of earphones that I buy.

While searching high and low, in old purses and under car seats, I tried to recall the last place I remembered using them: Starbucks some time last week. Then I remembered I took some pictures for my blog that day. Possibly even a selfie! I knew that if I could figure out what I wore that day maybe I’d find them there.

Enter Heyday, an app for iPhone that let’s you easily make collages of pictures grouped by the day you took them. I scroll and scroll through the calendar, see the pictures I took in Starbucks along with a selfie from the car ride there, go to my closet and check the pockets of the coat I was wearing and wham bam thank you ma’am, hello EarPods!

So I say all of this to say: Take selfies. Take them often. Don’t delete them. You never know when they may save your life…or at least save you money. Lesson learned.

Anybody else find any good use of selfies other than the obvious?

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