I love me some Oprah!


Uploading this without even watching it first because, Oprah. You’re welcome.

Note: Disregard the poor grammar in the post title. When it comes to Oprah, grammatical faux pas are irrelevant.


People Look Up to Me

That’s been really hard to wrap my head around. Especially during the times when I’m weighed down by my own mess and misery. It’s really astonishing to hear people describe me; they say all of the things about me that I conveniently overlook. All of the things that I forget about because I’m so busy trying to be perfect. All of the things that, despite my shortcomings, are still worthy of admiration and make me worthy of being looked up to.  Continue reading

Makeup of the Future: Mink

3D printing seems like technology of the future but it’s here NOW. It’s already been used to print artificial limbs and organs and now…makeup. Yes, makeup.

I stumbled across this article on Facebook about Mink, a 3D printer that allows you to create your own makeup with a click — well, a couple clicks — of your mouse. Mink was created by Grace Choi, a Harvard Business School student, who wanted to give young women the ability to create the makeup products they see on Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest, and all around the web instantly and conveniently. Check out the video after the jump to see Grace’s presentation at TechCrunch Disrupt NY 2014.

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