Eavesdropping and Autopilot

I’m sitting in Panera Bread listening to two guys talk about WordPress and I thought “Hey, I have one of those!”

Life has been cray to the 10th power. I’m back from a week spent going through job training in East Tennessee which threw my whole life off. Now I’m back in Nashville and preparing for a really stressful week ahead.

On next Monday, my new job starts, I have an 8 page paper due, a 15-20 minute presentation, and the first draft of my thesis proposal is due. If you believe in a higher power, please pray to him or her for me!

I feel ok about it all because I’m not really allowing myself to get overwhelmed by the big picture. The biggest issue is just not having a lot of energy. Oh, and the fact that the stupid Panera wifi isn’t working.

I’m pretty anxious about everything though; job, school, what’s next in life. Expecting the unexpected. Preparing but not knowing for what. That’s why I hate starting things. I get frazzled easily because I don’t know what’s going on. I’m ready to get to the point of this summer where things are in autopilot. I know what’s going on and I know where I stand. Planning ahead is going to be a really important part of that so that’s where I’m focusing my energy now.

Excuse me If this doesn’t make much sense. I kind of just brain dumped, but hey, at least I wrote something!

Hope your day is going well or at least just going,

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