Miss me?

My life has somewhat returned back to normalcy; which, in my case normalcy means being pulled in about 10 different directions at once but I’m used to it so it’s not too stressful. WAIT. Wordpress changed the post editor interface!? Anywho, despite life being busy busy busy I guess I could try to catch you up on some of the major things that have happened/are happening as quickly as possible:

  • My job as a Site Coordinator with the Freedom School program this summer was life-changing. It took my life over COMPLETELY but the amount of growth and consciousness I gained from that experience is priceless.
  • I made some not-so-good decisions to put grad school on the back burner this summer which now have me way behind my graduation schedule.
  • I’m also behind in my moving-to-an-apartment schedule. Now planning for December but…
  • I need a part-time job to continue to save up for the move.
  • I’m making some really great strides in becoming a more engaged and educated member of my community.
  • My resume’ is getting nice and thick.
  • I hit a slight emotional slump the other day but am determined to keep moving forward.
  • Feeling a lot more confident in meeting new people and making connections.

Life is by no means easy, or great (my room is a hot mess right now!) but I do feel like I’m where I am right now on purpose. And I’m determined to make the most of this period in my life. My current focus is on what’s right in front of me and right now things are looking up.

Anything new in your life? New job? New semester in school? Just moved? I’d love to hear about the great new things you all are experiencing.

P.S.- Fall is almost upon us! All pumpkin everything!

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