I have returned.

I’m back in all of my hot messed glory. I’m still doing this life thing. Some days it feels like I’m barely doing anything, other days I feel like I’m doing everything, but I’m still here doing…things.

This past week has been nothing short of struggletastic. Life has a way of throwing you (ME) curveballs, major curveballs, before you (I) can even get off the bench and onto the mound. And I for sure got knocked down but not out.


But the good news is I had a therapy appointment already scheduled for this week so now all I have to do is make it to Thursday. Easy, right?

So without much pomp, circumstance, or fanfare I’ve decided to start blogging again – mainly as a way for me to get out and sort through my own life stuff but also to help others sort through their own. I’m trying this whole vulnerability thing that everybody talks about (I’m looking at you, Brené Brown) so what better way to be vulnerable than on the interwebs, right? A few Sunday Things popping off after the jump.

  • I got dumped this week yall! And this is the first I’ve talked about it with anyone. Right now my main coping mechanism has been avoidance. Pretending like it’s not happening so I won’t have to deal with how I feel about it. There’s also a part of me that, honestly isn’t accepting it as fact. Which brings me to my next bullet point…
  • I can’t fix everything. There are some things in life, some problems that people have, that you (I) can’t “love” away. And it sucks. But it’s also shitty of me to shut down because a failed relationship and my own feelings of failure supercede being there for someone who I care for deeply that really needs love and support right now. I’ve acknowledged the err of my ways and I know what’s most important and thankfully I didn’t cause any long term damage to a relationship that means so much to me. I said all that to say, stop being so unnecessarily dramatic.
  • This man just came to sit in the study area that I’m in waiting on a friend and honestly, I feel uncomfortable. Masculinity and how men insert themselves and their masculinity into spaces with women without regard or with intentional disregard of how that makes women feel is becoming tiresome to me.
  • I’ve discovered the most beautiful song. It’s the aural equivalent of being swaddled in a blanket and rocked to sleep. Enjoy.

The time to study has come now; this paper isn’t gonna write itself. It’s been real. I’ll be back sooner than later.




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