Makeup of the Future: Mink

3D printing seems like technology of the future but it’s here NOW. It’s already been used to print artificial limbs and organs and now…makeup. Yes, makeup.

I stumbled across this article on Facebook about Mink, a 3D printer that allows you to create your own makeup with a click — well, a couple clicks — of your mouse. Mink was created by Grace Choi, a Harvard Business School student, who wanted to give young women the ability to create the makeup products they see on Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest, and all around the web instantly and conveniently. Check out the video after the jump to see Grace’s presentation at TechCrunch Disrupt NY 2014.

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And Then Came The Bullet Journal

I’ve been in the midst of a war for a long time. There’ve been many battles between good ole’ pen and paper planners, to-do lists, notepads, and notebooks versus phone apps and right now the phone apps are winning (Thanks in part to Apps Gone Free). But just when I began to feel weighed down by technology I was sent a plain and simple, yet detailed lifehack that may be worth a try: The Bullet Journal.

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Take Selfies: One day they may save your life

So I haven’t seen my earphones in over a week. I’m the queen of lost earphones – and lost things in general. I’d almost accepted the fact that I’d have to buy another pair. And unfortunately this time I wouldn’t be able to afford another pair of Apple EarPods. This was a stinging realization: If I can’t be responsible enough to keep up with a pair of earphones for more than three months then I’d have to cut back on the cost and quality of earphones that I buy.

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Things I Can’t Live Without: Apps Gone Free

Confessions of an App Hoarder

I like free stuff. Especially free apps. After not getting my fix from’s Deal Hacker posts I searched for an app that would send me daily updates of apps that go free temporarily. This is when I discovered Apps Gone Free. Although this is a great app, it has caused me to go waaaay overboard on the app downloads. I’ve downloaded anything and everything from apps to practice stock trading, to guitar apps, to a gazillion productivity apps. I admit I download a lot of apps I may not currently need but I don’t feel too bad. A trick I learned a long time ago is that even if you may not find an app useful or functioning at the level of your liking download it anyway. If the developers eventually charge for newer versions, you won’t have to pay since you downloaded the app previously (unless they’re jerks and release it as a completely new app). Continue reading “Things I Can’t Live Without: Apps Gone Free”

Things I Can’t Live Without: Pocket

View From Any Device
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I first discovered Pocket as an iPhone/iPad app for saving content from around the web. Since then it has expanded to including a Google Chrome extension and web version (they may have had the web version all along). I use Pocket to save articles, website, videos, and other various links that I need to get back to, read later, or share with someone else.

The unfortunate thing about me and storage is my tendency to abuse it. I’ll be flipping through Flipboard (the app I use to read blogs) and with one tap I’ll save it to Pocket to “read later.” Instead of going back soon after to read what I saved, I’ve slowly amassed quite a collection of web content from all over. Luckily, Pocket allows you to tag and organize everything. I use tags to specify the source of content as well as to specify topic.

Pocket 5.0, released in November includes a Highlights section that’s divided into Quick Reads, Long Reads, Trending content, and Best of content that can help you pick something to read, quickly. 5.0 is also supposed to be more intuitive, but clearly I haven’t been utilizing it enough to make use of that feature.

The best part is that it syncs your content across devices and the interface is bright, clean, and easy to navigate.

If you don’t use it already, head over to and let it change your life.

Note to self: Make a post about Flipboard.