Saturday Mornings and Stuff

I woke up early today and had my mind set on going in to work to try to get a head start on the upcoming week. Tell me why I was half way there and turned my car around?! I just couldn’t muster up the will to go in today. Not after the week I had. Not after the week I’m going into. I’ll make it in tomorrow. I just need one day this week completely void of work so I took myself on a coffee date to write instead. Wonder what else I’ll be doing today? More after the jump.

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I would really love to develop a morning routine. Something that I can do every day to ensure that I’ve had time to mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally ready myself for the day. The only bad part is I don’t have the best track record when it comes to mornings or routines. I do, however, feel that it’s advantageous to give anything a try so I’ve decided to start small with Sunday Morning Meetings.
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